“I am passionate about photography, and the magic it can bring to an everyday scene…it’s all about what the camera catches and how it’s portrayed.”

My love of photography started at an early age. Influenced by my great aunt Lucille, a hobbyist photographer who sold photos at art shows, I started taking pictures as soon as I  could hold a camera. Photography classes and time spent in the darkroom only heightened my interest, and a photo show in College sealed my  fate.  

I love flying over the Pacific Northwest, capturing pictures of the land below for others to enjoy.  

Ironically,  my love of flying comes naturally.My great-grandfather William H. Martin invented the monoplane, my father’s 2nd cousin Glen Martin was an aviation pioneer and my father flew planes in the South Pacific WWII.

Please feel free to contact me.  Email: kay.martin@gmail.com

Mt. Jefferson